Ready for Camp?!

Check out this video for a quick glimpse into some of the many activities that make Camp Kanata awesome!

What's Up

Kanata is the “Awesomest”

Our guest blogger, Christina Bowman, shares why her kids find Camp Kanata so special: My children love everything about Camp Kanata. My son, Tyler, is eleven and my daughter, Teagan, is eight. For three years in a row, day camp has been a highlight of their summer. Their cousins have even come from Atlanta, Georgia View More!

It’s the MOST Wonderful Time…

…of the year! As Christmas Week comes to a close, the Kanata magic is alive. The Christmas Eve campfire sparked memories that campers and staff will treasure forever. To begin the night, the campers went from one camp site to the next, picking up their fellow campers and singing carols and holding hands all the way View More!

Fun Stuff

Snapshots of Camp Kanata: