Partnership with Parents

Thriving at Camp Kanata

Everyone who comes through our gates has unique needs. We are a better Camp when we take the time to find out what those needs are, build empathy and understanding and respond to individuals appropriately.

We are an inclusive and welcoming place dedicated to serving families and campers from diverse cultures, backgrounds, faiths, gender identities and perspectives from across the country and around the world. We are also experts with a long history of balancing the needs of individual campers and our overall Camp community.



It happens. A camper is happy and active all day and when nighttime arrives, the same happy, well-adjusted camper becomes homesick. Don't worry. We got this. 


First-Time Camper

We have first-time camper tips for you. From sending letters to setting goals, find out the pro tips to help your first-time camp adjust to a week at Camp Kanata.

First-Time Camper

Financial Assistance

Everyone has a place at Camp and every camper enriches the lives of those around them and the quality of our programs. Thanks to our Annual Campaign, we offer financial assistance. Interested families must first register for a program, and then complete the financial assistance application below. We encourage all who feel they need assistance to apply.

Learn More and Apply

Financial Assistance

Unique Needs

We are experts in camping with a 70-year history of balancing the needs of individual campers and the needs of our collective Camp community during the summer. Each year, we successfully serve a diverse group of campers by closely partnering with parents and caregivers to best position our resources to support individual needs on a range of challenges while balancing the needs of the whole community. Regardless of your child’s circumstances, all campers must be able to live by the Camper Code of Conduct which articulates respectful living with others and following counselor directions.

We always take the time to understand the unique needs of families and campers attending or considering Camp Kanata. 

We want to position your child for success and strive to support the whole child. We look forward to talking with you about the resources we have available to support your camper. In order to ensure the success of our campers, it is imperative that parents communicate special circumstances their child may be facing during the registration process and on the Camper Information Form in a timely manner.

If you have a request or there are specific things about your child that Camp needs to be aware of, please contact our Camp Director, Ryan Eves

Code of Conduct

Living in a community is a great opportunity for our campers to grow their interpersonal skills, leadership, independence, and confidence.  Maintaining a safe and healthy environment is crucial for this growth.  We are committed to building a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone where we treat one another with respect and dignity. The Code of Conduct is reviewed and discussed in each cabin and each camper signs the form as they commit to doing what is right during their time at Camp. 

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