Camp Kanata Programs

Overnight Camps, Day Camps and Leadership Programs

Camp Kanata is a classic summer camp for kids and teens ages 6-17. Our overnight, day and leadership camps provide safe and fun experiences grounded in the natural world.


Overnight Camps

150 acres, countless activities, new friends and cabinmates and more fun in one week then your child will have all summer. That's Camp Kanata overnight camp. 

Boy on waterslide at camp Kanata
Kayaking at Camp Kanata
Mountain biking at Camp Kanata

Day Camps

How much fun can your child have in one day? Challenge accepted. At Camp Kanata Day Camp your child can run, play and get involved in dozens of activities with old and new friends. 

Girl canoeing at Camp Kanata
Boy with climbing rope and helmet
Archery at Camp Kanata

Leadership Development Camps

A little too old for camp and a little too young to work? The Camp Kanata Camper in Leadership Training is an opportunity for campers to gain leadership experience. 

Leadership Development Camps