Overnight Camp CILT Program

The Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) program involves three co-ed groups who attend Camp Kanata for a three-week experience. CILTs take part in sessions that teach leadership development, Camp skills, group management techniques, service, team building and counseling skills. CILTs receive a weekly coaching session on their performance and behavior both as a group and as individuals with the Trainee Coordinators.

CILT Expectations

Expectations for CILTs are high, and the application process is competitive. In addition to the application and references you submit, we will also take your previous Camp history into consideration, including recommendations from previous staff members.

During the summer, trainees are expected to model correct behavior for campers and must maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Participants gain great insight into Camp goals and philosophy. Many of our summer staff went through the Trainee program and continued their camping careers with us.

Keep in mind, however, that a long-term camping history at Kanata does not in itself guarantee a spot in the program, nor does participation in the program guarantee a future position as a CIT or camp counselor.