Saane Chamberlin

Day Camp Director

Vista! My name is Saane Chamberlin, and I am the Day Camp Director. I am from Carrboro, NC and graduated in May 2020 from University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Degree in Education and a minor in English. I also received my teaching license in 2020 for Language Arts and Social Studies which I used in my time working in 4th Grade Classrooms. I was a camper from 2006 until 2013. After that, I was in the two-year Trainee Program from 2014-2015 and then joined the counselor staff in 2016. I spent 3 summers working as a cabin counselor, serving as Hilton Unit Leader for one of them, in Cabins 4, 17, 18. I joined the Administrative Team as the Programs Coordinator in 2019 and held that role again in 2021 and 2022. I am super excited to be in this role and excited to continue working at Camp!

Favorite Camp Food:

Ice cream sandwiches. I have always loved them and something about having them in the dining hall makes them unbeatable.

Favorite Camp Memory:

My favorite camp memory is one of the Unit Nights I had during my summer as Hilton Unit Leader. I remember that the weather had been on and off, so we had to improvise what we wanted to do as a unit after dinner. We decided to have a talent show and I remember laughing and cheering for my campers as they showed off everything from singing and dancing to showing how fast they could draw.

Favorite Place at Camp:

My happy place at camp would have to be on the Land Bridge on the far side of the lake. I love walking to Big Tree and Beaver Shark Trail and something about the view on that stretch of it always puts me in a great mood.

Favorite Thing about Camp:

It sounds a little cliche, but the campers are my favorite thing about Kanata. I have had some truly amazing campers throughout the years who helped me hold onto the fun and silliness that makes camp so special. I also have been lucky to work here long enough to see my campers through their camper and trainee years and on through to share staff and leadership with them.

Hobby of Yours:

I have always loved watching movies. Growing up, my family and I had movie nights throughout each week, and it is something that I have kept doing through college and on to today. Bonus points if I have my favorite snacks and the softest blanket I can find.

What did you want to be when you grew up:

When I was little, I could not get enough of dinosaurs so I always thought I was going to be a paleontologist