Disc Golf net
Disc Golf
In disc golf, players throw discs (like Frisbees) toward targets with baskets attached. The goal is to throw the disc into the basket in as few throws as possible. 
Lake at Camp Kanata
Double Water Slide
Campers love to race each other down our double water slides and drop into the lake.
Kanata Activities
Drama, Cheer & Dance

Campers can hone their drama, cheer and dance skills during a week at Camp Kanata.

Fishing at Camp Kanata
Camp Kanata provides all the fishing equipment, net, bait and buckets.
Kanata Rugby
Flag Football
Flag Football is a safer, non contact alternative to Football.
Kanata Pool
Gold Band

Advanced swimmers have the opportunity to push themsevles with the Gold Band Class. 

Girl on Kayak at the lake
Our single-seat kayaks are available for campers who receive our highest-level swim band.
Lacrosse is a fun team sport that focuses on the basic principles of throw and catch, simple athletic movement and field position.